About Village Geeks

Opened in Chester, VA in 2005.  Small business striving to grow.  Owned and operated locally by John Styles.

John studied computer science at John Tyler Community College in 1976; back when computers were mainframes, taking up as many as three rooms for one computer.  Started working with Personal Computers when you had to buy resistors, flip-flops, and processors and wirewrap them onto a breadbox.

After working 15 years for the U.S. Government at the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, John decided to bring his talents to his neighbors.

Fighting the spread of computer viruses and malicious software has become a passion.  These evil software developers have gotten extremely good, learning to constantly find ways around even the best virus protection available.  Many of these viruses mimick antivirus software, telling the end user that they have many viruses when in fact, it is themselves that are the virii.  Read more about this in the Virus section of our web site.

We are primarily a mobile service, meaning we come to you.  Click here for a map of our service area.

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